“i’m doin’ a handstand, muthaf*ckas!”

some dumb f*cker decided to play a prank on my husband last night/this morning.  they posted an ad for “3 iphones” for sale on craigslist and listed his number as the contact.  not to mention, they write in the ad “call ANYtime”.  of course, within half an hour and in the middle of some f*cking awesome and much-needed sex some time after 10 pm, he receives a dozen or so calls and texts inquiring about these products.  infuriated, my husband finds out about this post and makes a complaint and creates a counter-ad.  fortunately, the ad was removed and people began to realize it was fraudulent.  this morning, the same person puts as the advertising headline “IPAD DIRT CHEAP” again using my husband’s number.  this time around, however,  they don’t post a way to contact them via anonymous email, so a phone number is the only way to go here.  FORTUNATELY again, as i am confirming my post of fraudulence, there is a phone number authenticator added to the process.  in order to complete a post, now you must enter your phone number/the number you place in the ad and a code with either we texted or said to you in a voice message.  (w00t!)^2.  so….needless the say, the other prank ad was removed and my husband has yet again to be harassed by the creator of these false advertisements. 

i mean, seriously, who really has absolutely no life to go out of their way to do something like this?  most likely it’s one of those low-lifes from his work.  my husband and a couple co-workers are doing their best to unmask the culprit.

stupid f*cks.


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