“sl*ts and slurpees ’til they bury me”

it’s cold, but it’s sunny.  i have twenty-one dollars in my wallet, but i don’t want or need to spend it on anything.  isabella is asleep,  so i’m blogging…as quickly as i can.  however, i should be sleeping, too. when she sleeps with me or her daddy, she sleeps longer, which makes the day go by so much faster per nap.  and that’s ideal today because alex has work and then watch and won’t be home until 7 tonight.  poo poo, i exclaim!

anyway, yes it is beautiful and sunny out, and i am alone these few hours, so i thought to take isabella on a walk to go get the car from alex’s work (approximately 8 miles from home) but the stroller is in the car and i don’t really like carrying her for so long.  i’m weak.  kind of.  not really.

hold on, i’ll be back.  taking a nap.


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