“your biceps are huge! kiss me!”

well, i never got to take that nap.  as soon as i took isabella out of her swing, i laid in bed with her and fed her just moments before she started babbling and softly cooing at me.  i lifted the blanket to see two gigantic brown eyes and that beautiful little smile of hers.  how could i get frustrated over lack of sleep with something as precious as that?

that sneaky little turd

however, i did get to take that walk.  with isabella in one hand and a diaper bag and carseat in the other, we set out on a journey to the naval base with the goal of acquiring the car and doing sh*t…whatever to kill time before alex got out of work.  we were very, very bored.  and it was fortunately sunny out and the wind wasn’t very strong or we would have turned back in minutes.  but i hadn’t anticipated the baby-carseat combo to be such a struggle.  what normally would have taken me ten or fifteen minutes took me about a whole godd*mn hour!  HA!

i texted alex for the HRT routes on the connecting road and eventually he figured enough to deny me to ride the bus with the baby as well as walk the approximately 8 mile walk to retrieve the car.  so, almost three miles later, alex comes by and has me drive back while he changed into his clothes for watch – his “pretty” uniform.

my arms and my shoulders were so f*ckin’ sore afterwards.  i’ve never felt pain in those particular muscles, so i was also pretty excited even though i could barely move the area around my neck.


my husband gets deployed for eleven days or so.  he leaves tomorrow.  this will be the first deployment since before isabella was born.  he and his crew had to be sent to haiti about a week after the earthquake.  they were there for almost two months.  i’m glad he’s done with his six-month deployments.  honestly, i don’t know what i’d do if he ever had to do anything like that again.  so, isabella and i will be staying with my sister at her and her boyfriend’s house.  he’s also getting deployed – for about a month, though – so we’ll keep each other company.

i’m tired.  write more tomorrow.

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