“can’t you see he’s a ‘ni’?”

my boo left this morning.  woe is me.  he’ll be gone for about a week and a half, and even the night before, the day of his departure, the first morning, i usually feel so sad and like “what am i gonna doooooooooooo?!!  waahhh!!” but i really don’t feel that way, and i think it was scaring me a little.  i know i love him.  i’m still so deeply in love with my husband, it’s CUH-RAY-ZEE!

i think it’s all this time with isabella.  all this time i spend alone with her is training me to be on my own, to be independent again like i once was.  well, i still am, but once i met alex, i just felt like he was the missing piece to my life’s puzzle all these years and that we just had to meet at the right time and had to deal with a ton of bullsh*t before that time came.

anyway, isa has made me realize that i can do it all on my own.  not saying that i’d ever want to go at it as a single mother, but i don’t need to be acting like a fool who can’t take care of herself and handle being in charge of everything AALLLL by herself for a couple weeks.

and for once, i didn’t make his departure depressing and all about me.  instead, i joked with him and about the dude who, at four in the morning, looked as if he had a whole tree up his ass.  HA! and alex starting imagining him as the trees from world of warcraft…. *sigh* i love my husband.

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