“i’m gonna show everyone how sexy i am!”

day two. 

when alex went to haiti, i wrote almost every single day that he was gone.  of course, when he came back, i stopped writing, but that doesn’t mean that it’ll happen to this blog simply because this isn’t dedicated to his absence.  wow, that kind of sounded like an assh*le remark.  however, i will probably repeat how much i miss him every single time i write in here until he returns. 

i need to clean our apartment.  i mean, it’s clean…ish, but i need to continue rearranging things and wash the dishes.  i’ll do that tomorrow.  i have started writing a budget for the next two paydays, which i found to be rather exhilerating PRObably because i like math – to an extent – and miss school and it just gives me something to do aside from writing and cleaning and taking care of isabella.  my darling, darling isabella.  oh, and i’ve also been creating a sort of to-do slash is-there-a-new-episode-of-(name of show)-on-hulu-today list per day until alex comes home just to make his absence go by a little faster, or seem to.

godd*mn it!  i want to read a book!  i miss having all the time in the world to read.  *sigh*

isa’s awake now. 



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