i’m bleaching my hair this weekend!  i’ve bleached it and/or dyed it many, many times since seventh grade.  i believe, even if only until the second wash, my hair has been every color of the rainbow and that sh*t in between.  unfortunately, though, i have very dark brown hair.  not black, brown.  anyhow it’s still pretty d*mn dark and is a b*tch to use a bleaching kit or just blonde dye to lighten it up to prepare for other colors.  soooo, i looked up how to do it properly if you are a brunette on the darker end of the spectrum, and have officially left the world of Ignorantly and Unsuccesfully Bleaching Your Dark Hair – If You Want Vibrant Colors and entered a whole new and better world.

so, apparently, according to  an Associated Content page and a YouTube tutorial from LittleKiva (see below), what you need to do this right is liquid peroxide 30 or 40 and some powdered hair bleach.  Plus, a strong conditioner, gloves and the other common sense sh*t when coloring/stripping one’s hair.

only problem now is i don’t know what i’m going to do.  i’m leaning more and more towards my bangs, some streaks and the underside of my hair.  then again, i am considering bleaching my entire head.

well, i have to go.  isabella is summoning me.


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