“there has never been anything between us. just air.”

i bleached my hair.  alas!  it didn’t turn out light enough even though i kept it on for forty-five minutes.  sooo, instead of waiting at least thirty-six hours between bleaching, i let my hair dry and did another layer on top for thirty minutes.  when i washed it, i started freaking out because my roots dyed and they were so light that i thought i was losing hair from bleaching too much.  my mom calmed me down, reassuring me that my hair was, indeed, not falling out and to let that idea sink in while my hair continues to dry, i am avoiding close-observations at my scalp in any mirror.

so, now my hair is towel drying, then it shall air dry.  sadly, it still ain’t much lighter.  poop!

yes, i do have to be like that and not look at the camera.

and i want to paint my nails, but i don’t have a color i want.  i want something vibrant and IN-YO-FACE, MUTHAF*CKA!!  you know…

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