“My girl works at Hooters – in the kitchen.”

originally dated 16NOV2010
So, last night for dinner, which I debated over an hour whether or not I should even have anything, I indulged myself in an unhealthy mix of baked  mozzerella-covered fish sticks with a side of fries and some tarter sauce and ketchup to dip it in followed by the delicious, sweet and nutritious strawberries…smothered in thick and creamy Redi-Whip.  *sigh*  My stomach hated me for the next few hours.  It was actually a bit difficult to go to sleep because my bowels were a-rumblin’ and growlin’ at me, “Whyyyy?!!  Why did you have to go and torture me like this?!  I hate yooooouuu!!”
No, there were no diarrhea sequences to follow, although I do not usually partake in eating foods of that sort – at least not often or in such bulk.  I just liked the picture.
I miss you so much, Alex!  I can’t wait until you come home to me (us)!  I LOOOVE YOOOU!!! *mwah*

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