“I have no qualms with sticking you!”

Alejandro returns to me tomorrow!!  I have missed him so much these past days.  Fortunately, today is filled to the top.  First, I’m working out, which I have been doing consistently since I started this time (Go, me!!).  Then, I have a lunch date with two of my friends, who are wives of Alex’s workmates and also had their babies within the past year, so we were kind of pregnant together – fun!  After that, I have volunteer work at a shelter, but I am only going to be answering phones – for two hours.  I really hope Alex doesn’t call in those two hours.  I guess I could just take a bathroom break during that because our conversation shouldn’t be too long.  And then I drive back to my sister’s house, and we’ll go use this Ruby Tuesday’s coupon that I’ve had for forever, and I’ll just just a salad to go.  They do have an awesome salad bar.


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