“she shoulda done that nine months ago!”

Let’s see…  I am on The Pill, but there’s still that 0.1% chance of getting knocked up.  My period, which I still don’t think is back on its regular schedule, is, still, over a week late.  Today, I started feeling really queasy, nauseous.  I still do.  I had some toast, for we don’t have crackers, and then cheerios and some water, but to no avail.  Normally, the heat from the sun does this to me when it’s mixed with cold weather, but it’s always accompanied by a terrible headache, which I don’t have.  Oh yeah, I didn’t have “morning sickness” with Isabella.

So, the question is “Am I pregnant?”  We’re really low on money this payday because we had to buy plane tickets, so I can’t go out and pick up a “pee stick”.  I’ve also had a mystery bill pop up on me, so I have to first make money for the Electrical bill, which doesn’t come out until the twenty-sixth.  We’re also pretty low on gas, but I have a couple customers buying some furniture from me off of Craigslist, so we’ll have enough for gas and Dominion Power.  If I still feel like this when Alex comes home…. I don’t know.  We’ll think of something.

Until then, I have a baby to attend to and need to find some way to not feel like crap.


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