“she frosted me like a f*cking cake!”

I went to the clinic the other day with Alex and found out that I’m not pregnant.  But being that my period is still two weeks late and I haven’t even had spotting, they want me to come back in another two weeks if it doesn’t return to see if there’s anything I need to get checked up on.  We’ll see what happens.  If we didn’t have an “Oopsie” this time, our next time to try for our next baby will be October or December next year.  What up, b*tches?!

By the way, happy Thanksgiving Day to all you vegs, veggies and omnivores (or “carnivores”, as the more ignorant like to call themselves).

i don't f*cking know...

It also turned out that my laptop didn’t obtain a virus of any sort.  It’s just that I have irresponsibly neglected to unplug or turn off my computer ninety-seven percent of the time…for over three years.  As an unfortunate consequence, my hard drive has failed me and is now unreadable.  I am mad at myself for it, too, because I never got around to finishing uploading all of Alex’s pictures.  I’m sorry, baby…

Oh, and we acquired enough money for our last bill of the month, electrical, but still haven’t sold our furniture, which I still need to.  Poop.


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