“we all know where you’ve been, you military fairy”

We didn’t end up going on that date Saturday night because I got too stressed out by my parents questioning me out about how Alex and I live and how we raise our daughter and all the little things that my parents didn’t do like give us tap water and my dad going on about one of his Conspiracy Theories on how “the Nazis used flouride for…” (sorry, I tend to block the rest out) and blah blah blah.

Then, whilst on our way, Alex and I got worked up about my parents needing to know their place and not get on our case about the way we do things.  He, unfortunately, got too steamed about it.  And, unfortunately again, after over two decades of living under the rule of someone who thinks that he’s always right – no matter what – and especially because he’s the “Man of the House” – sarcasm, by the way – and knowing his behavior and having to have dealt with it for years,  one doesn’t really feel like hearing it from anyone else and getting and receiving an overall review of something one already knows and strongly dislikes.

Frankly, I was a little disappointed in Alex because he told me that not to worry because when we move we won’t “ever have to deal with him again”.  Baby, he’s my dad.  As much as I get frustrated and angry at him, I still love him, and I could never hurt him or anyone in my family, like that.  Consequently, I was drained of any emotion and felt completely blank and didn’t want to go to the show anymore.  Why go if you don’t feel like you can laugh – or even smile.

So, instead, we returned to our home and our baby girl – who was being watched by my family, by the way – went to our room and discussed why I was feeling the way that I did.  After maybe half and hour, I felt so much better, and we went out into the living room just in time to catch the end of the movie my family was watching.



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