“twinkle twinkle little star”

I have that f*cking stupid Ke$ha song stuck in my heeeaaad!!!!  I mean, it should have been known that anyone who spells their name like that is an idiot who doesn’t necessarily have talent and most likely just has a touch of attitude and thinks that will get him or her the attention they need  (Well, besides the clothes, the money, the lifestyle…), yet I allowed the song to play  and in my hour of hating it and attacking its retardedness, I allowed my subconscious to absorb it!!  All you need is to think you’re the sh*t, go clubbing, dance up on people you just meet as well as hit on and eventually just drop them, get drunk, do any sh*t like that, boast about how people want to get with you, sing about it, and you’re in.

She is one of the most untalented “musicians” since Fergie went solo.

if i knew how to use the programs on my husband's mac, that ref's head would be ke$ha's


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