“How does it feel to treat me like you do?”

My beautiful, flawless Isabella and I took almost a two-hour nap shortly before my mom came to collect her for a couple of hours.  *sigh* Temporary freedom.  I’ve finished the kitchen.  Now, I want to focus on the living room, but I think I might wait for Sir Alexander to return.


Oh yeah, the car has a bad alternator and is in the shop now.  The oil needs a-changin’; however, we didn’t notice until yesterday, so now we can kill two birds with one stone.

So, to explain the large man-ballerina, who I must assure you looks nothing like me, I told my little sister, who has taken ballet for yeeeaaars, that I’m going to take the adult ballet classes.  It made her so excited.  I’m glad that I can connect with my little sister.  She is younger than me by, oh, a decade, and being able to relate with her involuntarily (i.e. I play WoW, she plays “Perfect World”) or voluntarily (well, semi- cause I’ve been interested in ballet now and then) is pretty cool and reassuring, especially because I pretty much feel like I missed a few years of her life.  Now, she’s not a kid anymore.  She grew up too fast when my older sister and I stopped hanging out at home, so when Alex and I hang out with her and get to act like kids, it’s relieving.  And fun!


Family photos today – the first ever for us!  I feel fat and grotesque.


Oh, yes.  We’re also picking up “Cataclysm” tonight.  I’m still a f*cking level forty-nine!  It’s taking me forever because of this damn dragon with fifteen hundred HP.  I barely have over two-thousand.  Maybe it’s closer to three-K, but Alex’s MacBook has a bad hard drive and freezes up most inconveniently and, whether or not it does freeze, I keep dying.  Schade!!


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