“Now the milkman’s on his way. It’s too late to say ‘Goodnight’.”

I finally talked with my dear Alejandro about the stress that has been accumulating over the past two weeks or so.  Maybe it’s been longer because stress can be the cause of me missing my menstruation, which is a fact that I’ve been trying to deny possibly being true with me.

I know he’s always right by my side and always there to support and care for me, so it’s completely unfair when I see him and the first thing I do is snap at him.  He doesn’t deserve that.  I just need to take a chill pill and take it easy.  I need to clean our, *sigh* yet again, messy home, sit back and relax and remember how blessed I am to have my wonderful husband and daughter (who let me sleep in until nearly nine this morning!!)

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