“Do you gaze at your doorstep and picture me there?”

Okay, so we didn’t get our photos done yesterday.  We’ll get them today at Wal-Mart.  Hey, I know there’s a reason my family and I used to, and still sometimes, refer to it as “The Beast” (as in “The Devil”), but when you’re broke, it’s got your back.  And maybe, eventually, your soul.

We got “Cataclysm” last night.  We waited in line (indoors) with a load of straight-up geeks.  The kind that don’t seem to live in the Real World at all.  Alex was asking me why they have these out-loud, in-depth conversations about the games and memorize what level you get what spell or ability or quest, and I told him that I figure it’s because, you know, with the Real World there’s so much history to learn, so many laws and rules and all that jazz, but when it comes to a game that just came out within the decade, you can learn everything about it like that and – this was his favorite part – when you talk about it, you sound like a f*cking genius.

Anywho, we completely forgot that Alex’s MacBook, which has WoW, has a broken disc-reader.  Therefore, we’ll be needing an external one.  I’d ask my computer-nerd dad, but he’s being a childish little brat right now, which he does when we don’t act as he pleases, which, this time, is he doesn’t think we should be playing games and stuff now that I have a family.  He dislikes video games of any sort, practically, and if it’s not religious or educational, you better believe he’s going to question you about it’s purpose.  What do you get out of it?  What’s the point? Hey, I don’t really know your deal, but we’re fine.  We’re not addicted, as a matter of fact we’ll get so frustrated, occasionally, that we’ll stop playing well before our “time limit” is up.  And when he is in this mode, he ignores you, he avoids you.  You go into a room he’s in, within a minute or two, he’ll leave without even making eye -contact or saying a word to you.  If anything, he’ll talk to whomever he is “at peace” with – even my own seven-month-old daughter – about you and whatever issue he is having with you aloud so annoyingly and immaturely that it’s bound to piss you the f*ck off. So, basically, he’s indirectly antagonizing.  But after all these years, I’ve finally learned to ignore it.

Thanks to “Cataclysm” and the fact that my mom was already in the area, she took care of Isa for a couple hours yesterday, then, after we went to go get Alex and the car, she took her home and so I had some quality time with Alex as well just a break from the wee little monkey girl.  It was very nice and relieving.  I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to just have time with my husband and not have to worry about entertaining or calming down Isabella.  It was so unbelievably awesome.  And, no, I’m not just talking about having sex with my dashing and delectable husband.  I’m talking about just being able to snuggle with him and lay by him and have my mind free of every other care in the world.  I think I’ll do that once a week or every two weeks.  Yup.

I love you immensely, Alex!


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