“I’m your biggest fan. I’ll follow you until you love me.”

Alex left for Florida. *sigh* Just Isa and me hanging out with my family until he returns. Man, the house needs cleaning – again. It always, always, always needs cleaning. But with a little crawler around the house – literally – we’ve been doing a lot better at upkeep. *phew*

I need to buy some mistletoe. So, when Alex comes home, we have mistletoe all over the house! Then again, maybe I’ll just buy one… And still attack him mercilessly!

I’m so tired right now. My mom should be back soon, so I can ask her to watch Isa while I nap. I’m also extremely hungry, but I’m fasting for three days, maybe all four that Alex is gone. I haven’t decided yet. I always tell Alex when I’m going to fast because he gets concerned. But, truth is, I used to fast for weeks at a time before I met him. Mostly it was because I just didn’t eat and often replaced food with gum, caffeine (pills, beverage), and cigarettes. *sigh* Man, did I suck at life. Haha. I’m so blessed to be Alex. And I’m so happy that I’ve been letting him know that lately. It just makes me feel better to get that out, and he is glad to hear how happy I am to be with him. Life’s never been better.


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