“Don’t cry for me, Argentina. The truth is I never left you.”

Two more days… Two More Days! It’s not that I’m bored. It’s just, I find life more fun and interesting with a touch of Alex in it. I miss being home and letting Isa crawl everywhere (I miss being home with just my little family.) I feel like I got more free time from her with that. My parents (mom, more like) watches her, but the rest of the time Isabella is in her ExerSaucer, playpen or walker (which is more like just another device for her to stand in for now).

Yes, in a way, though, I am quite bored. Just not too much. We fill our nights with Christmas movies. I’ll save “The Nightmare Before Christmas” for when Alex comes home.

My dad’s being anal about us buying a tree for hi, my mom and little sister. He keeps saying hit needs to be this and that and come from here when the truth is: If it’s a gift, you can’t be so choosey. Especially, if it’s a gift-like gesture. Dumb.

It is only the morning. I’m tired. I want to get Isa to sleep in her crib. I’m tired. I’m tired. I’M TIRED!!

And I want pizza. With lots of cheese and crushed red peppers. And Lactaid.

I love the sound of birds in the morning as the sun comes in through the blinds. Not crows, though. I think it’s actually mockingbirds. So, who’s to say, which bird he mocks?

I know Isa needs to have breastmilk for a minimum of one year, but her teeth are really starting to hurt me. I need to make more pumping efforts.

I love you, Alex. I miss you.


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