“When you put your arms around me, I get a fever that’s so hard to bare.”

It is indeed the Day of Pay…Payday.

Okay, that just sounded dumb.

*ahem* Okay, today is payday, and we can begin Christmas shopping!  *sigh*  I’m actually not too excited about that.  A little because I love my little family and am excited to spend our first Christmas together as a family.  But I don’t like all the shoppers, the impatience, the heat that accumulates in stores that get over-crowded.  Ugh!

I am, however, writing out our budget and how much we’ll have after everything is taken out and whatnot.  That, on the other hand, is semi-exciting.

That above is just for fun.

Oh, so I still don’t have my period, but I also just stopped feeling like waiting for it.  After almost two months, I finally just became unmotivated to take my birth control pills and stopped, so now I’m expecting it to be out of whack again but will know why.  Unfortunately, I forgot this yesterday when we had sex, and we just ending up getting lost in our animalistic passion.  So, I practically begged Alex to, well, release himself inside of me and realized minutes later after just laying there with him “Sh*t!  I haven’t been taking my birth control pills!”  Of course, I told him once I remembered.  As a matter of fact, I told myself to remind both him and me to use condoms until I get a new refill of BCPs (oh yeah, I also have to buy more) yesterday but obviously yet unintentionally let it slip my mind.  So, if we have an “Oopsie”, we’ll know the date of conception.  *sigh*  F*ck.

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