“I’m just stunnin’ with my love, glue-gunnin’.”

(feat. Snow Monsters)

Yes, I adore Lady Gaga!!  Therefore, I have had two subjects that originated from two of her songs.  To explain my subjects, a good majority of the time – say, ninety-nine percent – do not relate to the entry itself.  It’s just whatever quote or song was in my head at the time or what move I was watching.  See?  That’s just to clarify it for the confused people who read one thing and expected to read more about that one thing.

Okay, so now that Alex is back and since he played about twelve hours a day of World of Warcraft – his Worgen is almost a level forty!! – he has no complaints about how long I play.  So, right now, I am trying to get my Draenei to a level fifty-five in order to create a Death Knight.  Right now, I’m almost a level fifty-three, but I find that I level up quickest when I just kill a sh*t ton of enemies who are a couple levels above me.  Word.  So, that’s what I’m doing right now.

Oh, yeah.  So, a couple weeks before I found out that I was pregnant with Isabella, I had some terrible cramps.  I’ve never felt that pain before or since then.  I’m feeling them again.  Still no period either.  Alex is on his way back to work and then to the NEX to get me some pee sticks so we can see what’s up this time and then back home.

It’s snowing.  They’re little flakes, but you add precipitation of any kind to these already horrid drivers of Hampton Roads, and you can guarantee some f*cked up roads, unnecessary traffic jams and accidents, and un-needed slow ass motherf*ckers.  In other words, he is already done with work but his usual twenty-minute commute will probably be extended to close to an hour.

I just want him to make it home safely.  I love you, baby.


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