“Welcome to the Hotel California.”

Okay.  Now that my moment of angst is over, I am ready to stop sounding so ignorant and attention-seeking.

Last night, Alex and I purchased Eloise and Timber, two female rats.  They’re about five weeks old and are just so sweet!  I used to have a pet rat, but I don’t think she was as young as this.  Mine, Eloise, is a lot more cooperative and just chill, whereas Timber is a bit more of a spaz.  Nonetheless.  she’s still a social sweetheart, who also likes to jump from high heights…

Our wonderful rat excursion, however, did total up to over a hundred dollars – though we did already have a tank, which was previously intended for fish, that is approximately seventy gallons – so the date we planned for tonight will have to be a little less extravagant, which is okay with me.  I just want some time with Alex.

So, now we’ve got three little babies to entertain, but it’ll be okay.

I love our life.


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