“We’re working for the clampdown.”

My beautiful, beautiful Isabella.  How quickly you are growing!!

Supposedly clean laundry that I’ve had to put through the wash three times now.  What the f*ck is that odor that you choose to keep?

Dearest, oh dearest Clash covers on the “Burning London” album.  You just rock and, for the most part, pay proper tribute to the kick a*s  eighties band itself.


I, the most intelligent yet slow person you’ll ever meet (or not), have finally taped up the extremely long ethernet cord we have that connects our computer in the dining room directly to the modem that is about twenty feet away in the living room.  Wow!  That is pretty d*mn long.  That’s what she said.

F*ck!  F*ck!  F*ck!  My back really f*cking hurts!!!  Sadly, Alex’s phone isn’t working, so I cannot contact him if I need any help.  I have to depend on others.  Or, I can simply have some ibuprofen or Tylenol.  Darn it.

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