“Papa, don’t preach!”

Today,  I got to pick Alex up from work.  Since I wasn’t too sure when he was getting off, I decided to hang out at the Navy Exchange and Commissary until I received a call.  Whilst in the Commissary, I randomly decided to purchase a pregnancy text.  For a refresher, I haven’t had my period since October ninth, but I’ve taken seven negative pee stick tests and one negative blood test (the most recent, which was the thirtieth of December).  Also, my doctor said I could possibly be missing it because I’m breastfeeding, but this should be no reason to think of it was a contraceptive.

Anyway, back to the First Response sticks that I bought today.  I took one in the bathroom just because I really did have to pee.  Ladeda!!  I had the results of positive pregnancy!!  I took the other two tests, which also came out positive.  Yay!  Watch out world:  Here comes baby number two…

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