“I know I’m no superman.”

I’ve been watching “Scrubs” re-runs on Netflix.  I love that show!!  Although, I must admit that, though it still is funny, it became less so after Turk and Carla got married.  That seems to happen in comedic sitcoms, i.e. Jim and Pam in “The Office” started to get a little dull after they finally began dating – get engaged – get married.  However, still frickin’ hilarious, and I love them.

So, Alex and I are on day two of a new diet and exercise program that we are taking on ourselves.  Well, first I’m not doing this Vegan – or even Vegetarian (seafood consumption a “go”).  Second, I am partaking in a seven-day cleansing program  (non-laxative) that requires to me to consume numerous amounts of vitamins and supplements.  It’s cool so far, aside from the fact that I get nauseous after I take too many pills (Oh yeah, daily woman pill packets, too) and occasionally regurgitate as a result.  So far, it’s going well.  I forget if my starting weight was 158.6 or 156.8, but my goal is 130.  Actually, it’s between 120 and 125 (which was both reached and maintained unhealthily a few years back, pre-Alex), but Alex doesn’t want me to be skinny, just healthy and comfortable with my weight, which has always been a problem growing up.

In other news, I have an appointment in a couple weeks to be consulted in breast augmentation.  Yay!  At first, I wanted a tummy tuck, but I’ve decided to give this program a chance.  No use in throwing down a couple hundred bucks in weight loss supplies.  Mama di’n’t raise no dummy.

My SR-22, which I acquired back in my days of stupidity after getting in a five-car accident (no, it wasn’t that bad, though I did total my first car – a dark green ’93 Toyota Camry), expires this Wednesday, 16 March 2011.  Woooo!!!!!  If I get a letter in the mail, I’m so framing it – then keeping it in a drawer.

Alex’s mom is flying over on the 28th and staying with us for a few days.  We’re actually excited and need to buy a third Wii remote so we can fight to the death.

(By the way, Happy Pi Day!!)

Oh crap, today Alex was leaving home at before 5 this morning to go work out.  Not too long after he left, he called me and asked me what time the clocks at home read and continued to tell me that the cellphone was reading an hour later.  I always thought Daylight Savings was in April, but I was wrong.

Isabella’s first birthday is coming up!!  I’m beginning to plan now so that I can send out the invitations sooner rather then too much later.

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