“We are young. We are green. Keep our teeth nice and clean.”

It’s been two weeks since we started our diet/exercise program, and I have already lost ten pounds.  Yay, me!!  I know it sounds unhealthy – 10 pounds in 14 days – but I assure you that I am eating.  Not that your input really matters anyway because I am one stubborn b*tch, especially when it comes to eating.  I do insist that food is my enemy, but it is because I have yet to find a pleasing balance between us.  Until then, I hate you, Food.

Ten pounds later...

We just about finished sprucing up our home, which is awesome because it finally (again) looks amazing and Alex’s mom arrives at the airport in just a few short hours.  Phew.  We are awesome, though, when we put our energy into cleaning.  I should photograph it once all the clothes are put away and the trash taken out.

I do have some sad news (for me):  Isa and I may not be able to go to Jacksonville due to a currently-circulating rumor that the military personnel will not be getting paid during the month of April.  It really sucks.  Not so much that we possibly won’t be getting paid but because  I hate Virginia – with the exception of Colonial Williamsburg and all that up there – and I feel like I will never be able to escape it.  Oh yeah, and because of bills.

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