“No, sir. I’m a dreamer.”

Alex pushed me yesterday morning with my weights.  *phew* My arms and my chest are sore as a mother!!  Oh, and so’s my butt, but that’s due to my hamstring/glutes workout.  Haha.  No, it’s not sexual.  I just had to clarify that whether or not anyone thought so.  Anyway, it feels great.  “No pain, no gain”, right?  God, the pain is sweet!

I have come up with my incentives.  Goal one: Dress (Sweet a**, peacock/tail dress.  I’ll post a picture later.  I already reached this goal, though.)  Goal two: Get my eyebrow re-pierced (I want to eventually get a double – rings. I miss my piercings…), or go to King’s Dominion (w00t w00t!).  Goal three: Finally get my ribcage tattoo (I’ll post it after I get it, obviously.  However, I won’t get it until maybe September.).

So, Jacksonville got canceled due to lack of funding.  Idiots already bought the plane tickets before they realized that.  Way to go!  Alex, however, is looking to take a few days of leave before the cut-off date for their preparation for their next deployment.  In those few days, we plan on hanging in St. Augustine and Orlando/Kissimmee.  *sigh* The more I think of Jacksonville and Mayport and Atlantic Beach, the more I realize that I never want to live there again.  Those childhood memories are just that: childhood memories.  And I’d like to keep it that way and not relive anything.  Then again, the more I think of it the more I remember how ugly I thought some of the areas were, and I get pretty picky about those sort of things sometimes.

Anyway, Isa is asleep, and I have to let my food settle a bit before jumping into cardio this morning.  I find myself feeling better after my workouts and putting in much more effort when I do it early in the morning, i.e. before 7:00am.  Simply, Alex wakes between 4:00 and 4:30 to get ready for the gym, and I stay awake.  It’s not too hard.  It takes me forever to fall back to sleep – or to fall asleep in the first place.  It kind of sucks, but then again I can take pretty good advantage of it.


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