“I wanna riot!”

My husband is very supportive of me and the rational decisions that I make.

I get frustrated at people.  Sometimes, it’s a little too often.  In addition to my frustration, I almost always want to react to them, whether it’s verbally or physically – as long as I get my point across.

Alex doesn’t always approve of this.

The problem I have with this particular situation concerns the wife of someone who works with Alex.  I may or may not have mentioned my quarrel with her, and I am too lazy and careless to look back on past entries to see if I have already, so I will tell you now…

I wrote on the Command’s Facebook page that their information concerning the deployed ones needed to be updated.  This dude’s wife, we’ll call her “Ivy”, replies to me saying “It’s so-and-so!  She’s in charge!”.  Now, I am quite anal when it comes to grammar and Netiquette, so I read this as her shouting at me & felt like she was treating me like some stupid idiot or simply as someone who should have known the information that she gave me, which I indeed did.  So, I replied saying that I felt like I was being yelled at, and she responded via Facebook message – only between her and me.

She said she didn’t understand why I felt the way I did, so I kindly explained to her that her exclamation points must have thrown me off and that I probably just misunderstood her.  It was quite a white lie given that I really wanted to tell her that she should have used “periods” as to not make her sound like a bitch, but I don’t need any more enemies than I already have, so I sugar-coated it a bit.

We were fine.  La-de-da.  Life goes on.  Our men are deployed, and we’re just patiently yet eagerly awaiting some kind of communication from them, be it hearing from them or hearing about their arrival.

The Deployment line gets updated, and the afore-mentioned lady in charge notified us all by posting the announcement on the Command’s Facebook page.  I write a simple, not-overly-excited-looking smiley face -> 🙂 <- and then asked about if we had to pick them up from the base or if we could pick them up from the airport, like we were able to when they went to Haiti.

Ivy decides to reply saying “please don’t get too excited” because some people were coming home via plane and some via ship.  At that point, I lost it.  Who the fuck do you think you are talking to me like that?  I am not a fucking child, nor am I some kind of retard to whom you’ve gotta speak to calmly and as if they are a lower rank in life than you.  To a certain point, it also made me feel like she saw me as an overly-excited dog with how they get so excited when their owners are coming home.

So, I wrote to Ivy saying that I could get as excited as I wanted to because whether it would have been within the next couple of days or within the next week, my husband was coming home and that was all I could care about.  Then, I proceeded to tell her that the way she wrote made me feel offended and as if she was treating me like I was an idiot.  She replied, telling me that I she was saying that for everyone – despite the fact that I was the only one who was even communicating about this deployment and the only one who even seemed to have been writing on the Command’s page lately – and that she was asked to relay information and that everything she was saying seemed to offend and upset me.  So, she was going to tell the Chief how “rude” (or “ruse”, as her smart ass wrote) I was being  to her.  Furthermore, she said she would not give me any more information due to the fact that I found her to be a rude communicator.  So, I said to her that I didn’t give a “fuck” about her opinions but that I wished her and her family well.  She replied similarly but in much less words.

So, I’m wondering: Why would someone like this who has terrible grammar and communication skills – via text, at least – be given the responsibility that she claimed to have been given and yet be so unprofessional?

No matter what is said or how, she should be calm as shit because the responsibility she was given is pretty fucking big, since spouses and families patiently wait to hear about or from their loved ones who are deployed, and the information should be not be restricted to any particularly person or people but instead should be announced in a more public arena – or manner, I guess – so that everyone can be kept up to par & satisfied.  But, no.  It was given to some dumbass wife who obviously has no professional mannerisms and is too immature to even be given responsibilities that require her to have even an ounce of professionalism.

Okay, so today, Alex told me that Ivy’s husband talked to him about the situation and said that Alex could get in trouble for me using such language* in a “public” place** where anyone in the Command can read it.  *sigh* Lying fat bitch!  Go run to daddy, you stupid, cowardly fuck.  And learn to communicate properly and professionally, you cunt!

My initial disappointment today is just that Alex won’t let me tell the real side of the story.  I will not let my husband get fucked over at work on account of me, but he keeps me silent.

*”fuck” in the context “I don’t give a fuck about your opinion”
** this was a private conversation in a message that only she and I could read

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