“Don’t worry; I’ve got you.”

I would like to take a trip to DC.  Particularly when some events are going on, like Pride events and stuff.  I love the atmosphere.  The disappearing fear and former shame that was attempted to be engraved in some of their minds.  F*ck those assh*les who say it’s wrong.  Who gives a sh*t what other people do.  As long as it makes them happy and no one is getting hurt.
Sewing three patches onto Alex’s uniform, we broke two needles.  What the hell? 🙂
Got off track with getting into shape, but I am back and ready to kick some boo-tay – starting with some Yoga and Just Dance 2 this morning…and taking my dreaded multivitamins.  Poo poo.
These pills make me want to puke.
My boobs have been sore for the past four days or so.  Whaaaaat….
F*CK!!  Capital Pride is this week!  Lol.  What a coincidence 🙂  Unfortunately, we’re a bit short to take a trip to DC 😦
“Don’t get me wet because the bandages will all come off… Please excuse her for the day; it’s just the way the medication makes her.”
Time to work out, but Isa will probably being waking up  sooner than I’d like.  I will not let this stop me, though. 🙂


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