“Caliente Pocket…”

Hello, hello!  So, I may have mentioned that I was set back a little with my workout and, consequently, with my weight loss.  However, I got back on track, and everything, everything everything seems to be going very well.  *cheesy smile*  Yeah, I gotta change up my writing style a bit so you can see my emotions somewhat.

Anyway, I also had a garden.  I mean, I have a garden.  Sadly, I over-watered my peppers, so my Cayenne, which had a few peppers, and my Habanero, which were only beginning to flower, met their end.  My Celosias, Basil, Orchid, Avocado seed, and Alex’s Venus Fly-trap are doing well, though.  The Avocado seed sits in a cup of water and is held by toothpicks and is starting to sprout a root.  Yay!

I’ve been practicing Wicca more.  I’m feeling more confident in my abilities.  I am feeling like a better person already in so many ways.  It’s unbelievable!  I’m glad that my attention-deficit ways of youth didn’t completely hinder my interests in learning the old ways back then.  I’ve never felt more comfortable, more….right.  It’s like I’m finally where I belong.  Additionally, I’ve also been handling energy play better.  I can’t feel other people’s energies so well yet, but I’m getting there. *smile*

Alex and I have decided to not wait until October to conceive baby number two.  Instead, we’re shooting for next month.  (w00t!)^2.  As you would guess, I will be gathering the proper materials for a “Baby spell” and put it in to fruition.  *excited*

I want to go to the Yankee Candle shop up in Williamsburg.  Fantastic place.  Fan-freakin’-tastic!


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