“hey there, mr. krinkle. how are you today?”

i have never been one to care about the topic of religions – for or against – although i do have my fair share of beliefs.

however, having recently been outed as a wiccan to my super-christian dad and by him, mind you, – as he was told by his god via dream – or so he claims << i say this because my dad was very nosey when i was growing up and pretty much snooped around for shit he didn’t agree with concerning my likes, interests, et cetera.) , i have been thinking more and more about different people’s beliefs and their stand on religions.  again, my dad was always very un-open to other people’s ideals if it wasn’t “according to god” or “according to the bible”, so i.e. gays are bad and wrong, btw.  how dare they think they have the same rights as the oh so perfect heteros.  anywho, i pretty much started “thinking for myself” in middle school and my dad did not like this, for most of what i was agreeing with and believing had no relation to his god.  oh yeah, by the way, he’s a fucking hypocrite christian, but who really isn’t a hypocrite these days. (hey, who’s orthodox anything?  i want to meet you – unless you’re only in folk-tales, that is). i had no interest in the bible no matter how often he tried to make us read it, no comfort in his god no matter how much i prayed, and i just didn’t believe in anything that his god had to offer.  this was especially set off when i’d read about how unfairly women were treated, how much below man they are.  fuck that shit!  i just could never get into it.  not even as a child with an easily-molded mind.

anyway, back to my original reason for writing now.  i have come to the conclusion that every person who is comfortable with and strongly believes in their religion or beliefs – be it buddhism, christianity/catholicism/protestantism (yes, they are the fucking same), hinduism, evolution, nothing, WHATEVER – is right.  why?  because it’s what works for them.  it’s what they believe in & every single fucking person has the right to believe in whatever the fuck their mind/heart/soul/body feels is right for them as long as they don’t try and push their fucking beliefs onto other people.   teach, don’t force people to believe in shit.  asshole.  also, fuck everyone else who thinks their one religion is the only religion.  i do also have to disagree with all the evil ass motherfuckers.  y’all can go to hell/be reincarnated as a slimy turd from a hemorrhage-laced anus for eternity after eternity/whatever equally-fucked alternative.

p.s. my dad is so much more understanding these days, my “outing” wasn’t too bad – after alex talked to him a little.  and, yes, i do love my dad despite these differences.  he’s a great man indeed. i just didn’t want to leave you on a bad note with him and thinking that he’s still a douchebag.

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