“Sh-sh-shakin’, sh-shakin’!”

Guten Abend, Internetland!!

*sigh* Life is fucking awesome! I am loving it so much right now. I have an incredible, handsome husband, a beautiful and intelligent baby girl & for once I like the way I look – for the most part. Eventually, I’ll get there all the way.

Dumbass that I am, though, I consumed waaaay too much caffeine and feel so nauseous and…BLEH!  (For some reason I also have been feeling super horny all day, but that’s easier to solve *wink*). You’d think that after years of consuming some versus a lot versus too much caffeine that I’d realize when to say enough is enough, but I’m retarded. HA! Now, I am dealing with the consequences and am basically puking up everything I eat. Woo!

Back to the better news: My family is absolutely amazing!!!  I love my babies so so very much that I can repeat the exact same adverbs to describe how much I love them & it will never be redundant. *big, self-satisfied grin*

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