“When you’re standin’ oh so near, I kind of lose my mind.”

Although we felt a bit hesitant with the news about moving to Pensacola, it has finally settled and we have accepted it. We’re actually really very excited to be moving there and for several reasons, such as…

  • Complete independence from our families
  • Renting a house and taking my dog, Toots, with us
  • Having a yard
  • Being in a smaller, less-populated area
  • Being new
  • Getting a job* (hopefully)
  • Palm trees* (I used to live in FL for 7 years (east coast, Mayport), and to me the minute I see palm trees everything is just beautiful!)
  • Gator meat*
  • Theme parks* (Excellent, because I want to go to Seaworld for my 25th birthday)
  • Lobsterfest in Key West
  • Not having to shut our sliding door and windows to avoid smelling the secondhand smoke of our neighbors
  • Having room themes and starting our household organization from scratch
  • Not too far distanced from our families for when we  drive up to see them
  • Having a sweet ass garden
  • Selling our Wii and getting an XBox and playing GTA and Dynasty Warriors!! (The latter was my main entertainment during labor with Isabella.)
  • BBQing
I know there’re a few more, but those are the top reasons I could think of off the top of my head.
*those are actually personal reasons :-]

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