I can’t wait to moooove!!

First of all, I need to get to level 85 before the new WoW comes out and raises the highest level to 90.  A Panda?  Really?  Sounds cute.  Kind of excited but still hesitant about seeing it really  come to play.  For now, my goal today (besides finishing laundry and the last load of dishes and trying to get carpet stains up) is to get to level 70.  Time to get started!

Next, today we have an inspection before we are granted the transfer December 8th. I hope we get it!!! I mean, I know we’ll be fine.  We have to plaster one part of the wall, paint a couple spot, clean some carpet stains from baby food and such and replace their cheap-ass blinds, but we should be given the OK. Wooo!!! 🙂

Oh, so I signed up with Mary Kay on October 5th, and things have been awesome!  It’s fun, flexible (schedule, locations) & I be makin’ some money! Haha 😉

Oh, and on a SN, Alex got me into “Prison Break”. I’ve never been a TV show person until I met Alex. Son-of-a-gun! :p


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