Boiled Peanut Rules…

  1. No soaking for hours.  Ew.  Soggy.  They fall apart.
  2. Always need to be salted.

I am proud of myself for being consistent with my workouts.  Wednesday & Thursday, I did some cardio.  Today, I mixed it up by adding the elliptical back in as well as weights.  Mama needs to be working out and keep herself lookin’ fiiiine.  At least I know I still turn heads, and already being taken by a sexy-ass muthaf*cka makes me feel even more confident and gorgeous.  Not that I need that extra kick.

Only thing…my thighs have gotten bigger somehow although I’m not eating (1) that much & (2) foods that should do that to me.  Also, I actually need maternity pants now.  Poo.

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