Whyyy did the end of “Prison Break” have to be so damn sad?

Ok.  I’ve said before that the MK business is going preeetty slow right now, but I’m actually not very worried.  As a matter of fact, I’m looking forward to meeting new people and getting new clients.  My friends seem to be pretty broke.  Haha.  I get that.  So am I, hence the trying to make some money.  No!  Hence the 15% off your total order until the New Year in order to entice more folks.  *sigh*  This weekend, we are moving in to our new building, so I can’t focus….

Just as I was writing that, I realized I scheduled a small party for this upcoming Sunday at 5p & have a few guests saying they’re coming.  Haha!  I really hope I get some business.  At least everything will be in a box (besides the TV and such) and the house will be clean (and empty).

On a sidenote: No working out completed this weekend.  We were too busy packing, and got soooooooooo much done.  We’re awesome.

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