Stupid kids (and sometimes adults)

I wish I was a better writer and that my vocabulary was much more expansive so that I could sound intelligible, especially when I rant about things, which is not very often.  It would simply make me feel smarter and as if my point was being well made.  However, because I am not amazing in the writer’s field, I’ll see what I can do.

You know that age between 15 and 17 (a majority of the time) where the subjects feel like life is unfair, the world is cruel and either everyone in it, or the subject, needs to die?  That fucking stupid, hateful, selfish, brainwashed but who say they’re not brainwashed, followers but who say they’re not followers and that everyone else is, suicide-is-beautiful-but-I’m-too-scared-to-do-it-I-just-talk-about-it-to-be-noticed & death-is-our-goal-in-life-and-an-art, I’m-mad-at-the-world, if-I-can-scare-you-I’m-cool-therefore-I-continue-to-say-and-do-things-that’ll-creep-you-out dumbass lot?  Those groups that needed all the hyphens?  Yeah… They need to do the world a favor & shut the hell up or grow up!!


Of course, the stereotypical "Goth" kid

Also, I hate conspiracy theories.

...and this one is just for S&Gs


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