Dumb B*tch

I’m tired of hearing about situations where some girl, who is clearly in an unstable relationship or a relationship that has yet to mature to the point of really being sure about wanting to be together, gets knocked up because the couple was having unprotected sex, and the girl waits and waits and waits until it’s too late to get an abortion or put her child up for adoption when she knows she can’t f’ing take care of the kid or it’s not a smart move to try and do so.  She prolongs a potentially better living situation for her and the child (and possibly the sperm “donor”) until she sees the first ultrasound and hears the first heartbeats and decides that she feels too attached and can’t part with the child in any way.  She’s the dumb b*tch who got knocked up because she and her partner were too good for a condom or birth control.  She’s the foolish girl who, with her partner, decided that having a baby together would strengthen their relationship/fix all their problems. She’s the chick who got impregnated by a “man” who lied well enough to convince her she was the only one, although it turned out that, in the end, he married and possibly has a family or he’s seeing someone else & thought things weren’t going to work.  She’s the girl who didn’t have a good father figure and felt that this manchild f*cks her and says “I love you” now and then and, therefore, must want to be with her, so they’ll have unprotected sex/she won’t tell him she’s off the pill because she wants to be with him and is pretty sure he wants to be with her, too.  She’s the hypocritical Christian who believes in sex out of wedlock and doesn’t believe in abortions… She’s the psychotic, clingy girlfriend who thinks that she’ll trick a guy into knocking her up in order to stay with her.  She waits until she’s had this illegitimate child for weeks, months, years & although she’s struggled to support her family that whole time she’s the one to say “I wouldn’t change anything”.  Of course you f’ing wouldn’t!!  You’re f’ing dumb, you bimbo!!  She tells her kids, when they are older & she’s still single but twice divorced, that she wants them to have a better life than her. B*TCH!! Tell them to not plan or execute for a kid until they’re f*ckin’ ready!! Díos!! She lives on the street below…


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