The Bible was written by man, not “God”, & is continuously edited by man.  How many of you have actually read The Bible?  I have – two or three times because all of a sudden my dad wanted to shove his religion down my throat when I was 13, and The Bible makes no sense.  It really doesn’t.  It’s pointless, full of hate, and full B.S. about what’s “immoral”.  From what I gather, he’s more like a sick & twisted kid who’ll eventually develop a serious case of Bipolar Disorder.  He is a picky, violent, and hateful being.  He doesn’t teach lessons.  He does it all for fun.

And having something like that forced on you by a complete hypocrite (well, besides in front of our guests, of course)….how is that supposed to help aid my decision in seeing that he made the “right” choice?  And, I’m not saying he is or ever was, what about those super abusive parents who beat their kids?  Or those who rape and molest their kids?  Or murder their kids?  How do you expect those kids to believe in “God” and follow the “10 Commandments” when their life doesn’t change until they can move out because their parents play it out so well when guests and Child Protective Services come to the door – or because they trained their kid from the beginning that it’s normal what they’re doing.  How can you expect them to “Honor thy mother and thy father” when the child dies under their own parents’ hands?

Homosexuality is not a sin.  Lust is one thing (not always a “sin”, but more like a brief & oftentimes repeated “phase”), whereas Love is another.  And the last time I checked, Love is not a sin either.  Also, being that our world is over-populated, chew on this:  Unless they decided to have offspring from their own body be it by artificial insemination (since many who choose to have a family choose adoption) or another method, they help more with that problem than the irresponsible heterosexuals who screw whatever moves – without using protection – usually leaving someone knocked up and bastard children running around all over the place.  That’s not pro-creating if that is what your argument concerns.

And what about hetero men and women who are married to one another and no longer love each other? They can stay together, miserably, be it for the kids or because they did love each other once upon a time, et cetera.  They have the right to be married and have their unhealthy & unhappy relationship, but gays who do love each other (be it also unfortunately only in the beginning or “’til death do [them] part” – someday in all states) are looked down upon.  How are they not like heteros in any other aspect than their genitalia and, therefore, do not have the same rights?  They’re human. They are f*cking human. Period.

And there will always be people, heteros and homos, who prefer to never settle down & to just sleep around.  It’s not going to change.  There will be unstable relationships.

All these Christians in these Bible documentaries talking about gays unravelling the “moral fabric”, but there is no moral fabric & never was!  There has always been violence, hate & disagreements.  There still are in the actual “Holy Land”, which is, guess what, not here in America!!

So…..”God” just hates…..everything?

By the way, women: You are not equal either, so F*ck you, Vaginas!  (Hey, that is one of the only things you’re good for anyway.  Ha….)

Oh, and Protestants, Baptists, Catholics, Christians, et cetera – you’re all the same person, so stop getting fancy with the names.


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