One of my sister-in-laws posted on Facebook about a blog response to breastfeeding in public, which seems to be becoming an increasingly talked-about subject.  That stupid show “Doctors” somewhat recently talked about it, daring to ask if it’s all “hype”.  “Hype”? Really?  It’s completely natural.  It’s nothing less than normal.  I mean, I think it’s weird to go beyond 2 years (my max. is 1 year) & seems more like a self-pleasuring or I-can’t-let-my-kid-go sort of thing.  “Yeah, my kid breastfeeds.  By the way, do you want to come to his birthday party next weekend?  He’ll be turning 8.”  And, no.  That’s not an exaggerated age.


I really wish I had taken the time to research because all my ranting within the past week or so has made me miss being in school and writing papers and researching the supporting details and making arguments.  *sigh* Anyway, I don’t have much of a foundation for this as an argument.  This, like everything else, is just based upon my personal opinion, so it’s brief and choppy.


I believe in breastfeeding because (1) I can breastfeed – I understand there are women who have trouble with producing milk or having their babies latch on properly in order to eat; and (2) because it’s 100% natural and nothing to be ashamed of.  Yeah, I’ve whipped out a tit in public to feed my hungry daughter, and I’ll do it again to feed my infant son and the other children Alex & I will have.  There is no hesitation.  What if I have nowhere to feed more privately?  I’m not going to wait long until I find somewhere that could be however far away and prolong the babies from being fed on time.  I’ve been hungry.  I’ve felt starved.  And that sh*t can hurt.  I’m never putting my babies through that.  I’m not going to please a bunch of ignorant f*cks who can’t bare to see a partial breast, and I am especially not going to wait to give my babies their nutrients for people who just know I am breastfeeding under a cover-up and still feel uncomfortable.


I also get that there are a lot of creeps out there, and I have hesitated (until Alex came to my rescue) to feed Isabella because I feel like they’re just getting turned on by the act & it makes me feel super uncomfortable.  So Alex will cover me up or take off his shirt or blouse in order to cover me up.  I love my sweet baboo ^_^


I hate being stared at be it for my clothes (mostly a past thing), my looks (be it due to my race or because I’m being ogled at), because of what I am doing, or just because they’re being assh*les and trying to be intimidating (won’t mention my dad’s name).  So if you stare disgruntled and offended at me during a feeding, you better be ready to handle some verbal heat.


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