Dear December. Please hurry up & come to an end!!

So, Alex & I didn’t realize that Christmas was creeping up much more quickly than we had anticipated (relief & shock) & I don’t know if he’s even bought a present for Isa yet.  It’s just been so hectic lately with his late days & all this planning for this month and whatnot & him not getting his E-5 pay – 7 months later… I can’t wait until that is all over, and he starts getting paid properly.  Even further bullshit, he won’t be getting backpay although he’s been an E-5 since May.  Thanks for being so smart and logical, USN.  Thanks.

Oh! And I realized I’ve been missing a lot of sleep when yesterday I almost fell asleep every time I would sit or lay down, so I had my parents watch Isa overnight.  I didn’t wake up until 1:44pm today.  Hahaha!!  I didn’t realize it was that bad.  I’m tired again, but my parents should be on their way soon to drop off my little pumpkin pie, so I’ll try to just go to sleep early – like I should have been, being pregnant and all.  Haha.

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