So, my husband has these watches, which are more like extended-babysitting hours because they require him to dedicate his entire Saturday & Sunday (i.e.) to babysit delinquents. Yes, it’s a result of him taking on more responsibility, but why does it more like he is being punished?  Another bullshit move, USN.  Why even give these kids the privilege of having someone basically hang out with them?  Can there not be cells to just put them in, and have randomized, qualified employees feed them now and then?  They shouldn’t have the right to go to the store or eat out somewhere other than the galley – or an equivalent of gruel.  F*cking dumbasses need to realize they’re in the military and need to be responsible.  I’m not saying they all are, but they need to be.  Sure, they can have fun, but they need to realize “Hey, I must set an example.  I can’t sleep with prostitutes or snort coke or drive illegally or realize I can’t handle the demands of the military and run away from it all…”.

Anyway, his next one is this Saturday, Christmas Eve – the day we were going to spend together as a family, all cozied up and warm and watching Christmas movies and having cocoa (though it won’t be nearly as cold as it should be (Thanks, Virginia, and your stupid ass weather) & then head to my parents’ for Christmas Day.  He’s seeing if he can pull some strings and have this assh*le stay with us just this Saturday, but I really don’t know how I’m going to feel about it, or if I’m going to feel so tempted to knock some sense into that sh*thead or just sit and try to resist from beating the crap out of this guy for being a f*cking idiot.


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