“You were having a ‘nacht-mare’!”

I had this weird-ass, long dream last night.  Normally, I start off in one place and inexplicably everything changes – people, scenery, even myself (well, I might have in this one, too) – and it just keeps turning from one thing into another.

I think I was at school or something, and there were these people who were just arresting left and right if they thought the person being arrested wasn’t agreeing on everything with them.  Knowing I was one of them, a couple friends & myself drove toward my parents’ house, but first I wanted to stop by this Japanese store and pick up some snacks for some road trip we were going on to get away from all the ridiculous crap going on.

I got to the house before I remembered it, so I went out to the store and said I’d be back, but on my way there I got captured and placed in this jail that was full of a bunch of Hispanic gang members.  One of them I talked with the most who looked like she was about 8 was was 16 and nuts… It was weird.  She was in for stabbing her boyfriend.  Just out-of-the-blue she felt like stabbing him.

I found a very easy escape route & was going to take it, but I thought too much about it and must have looked suspicious that some large Mexican dyke called me out, so I was placed to do janitorial work.  During mopping near one of the exits in this “prison” that really lacked security, this man was leaving so I grabbed onto his arm when no one was looking and simply walked out with him, telling him to just walk toward his car.  I reassured him that I wasn’t anything to be afraid of & eventually he felt save enough to drive me wherever he was going.  I told him I was just trying to get home & wasn’t too far, but I needed a good head start.

We got more than halfway there, I believe, before my dream cut to this scene that showed Jane Lynch as this determined detective with another officer or two and three or four bloodhounds.  She was yelling at these men to use their common sense and to use my scent to track me down, so the dogs were set loose & started searching.

We had enough distance between us with them on foot, so I took a nap.  I think I heard barking, which woke me up and got me & my acquaintance escaping out the back door and running across this field and toward some really big bushes and trees.  Unfortunately, for some reason there were fences all over the field, which turned out to be a vegetable garden separated by type of vegetable, hence the fences.  So, I had to jump over a crap ton of fences, which slowed me down sometimes, but I was running for dear life because I was so close and I could feel my energy  leaving me but I wanted to get home so badly that I didn’t want to give up.  I was so close to escaping them, but at the last fence I lost my footing & the dogs and Jane Lynch caught up with me.  My acquaintance, who was also running although I don’t know why, was also caught & I could feel nothing but disappointment and failure.

(Somewhere else in there, Jane Lynch had some epiphany where she realized that I had done nothing wrong and didn’t belong in imprisoned & all of a sudden had a change of heart & was going to let me free, but I didn’t know this.)

So I broke down crying because I thought I was never going to see my family again, but that is where I woke up.

I woke up crying, which woke up Alex, who comforted me and calmed me down.

Stupid nightmares.

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