New “Sesame Street” theme = Sucks!

This week is going by veeeery sloooowly

It’s actually getting rather frustrating knowing what all is at the end (in the more literal week of 7 days) and having to wait for time to just come naturally.

Impatience, thy name is Joy.

What wasn’t helping was Alex having to stay late in Newport News because some douches didn’t know how to do their job right and realize when is a proper time to announce “Yeah, this is broken.  I’ll let you guys hang out and do nada for a bit before telling you we f*cked up.”

But it was nice having him come home yesterday while the sun was still out.  Hopefully, this week is the last of all that bullsh*t that Alex really shouldn’t be doing anyway.  I like seeing my husband before I go to bed every now and then.  I didn’t marry him so that I got to see him every once in a while.

Or did I?…






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