You Are So Annoying!!


I know I shouldn’t care about people’s opinions of me (and I normally don’t), but when it’s repeated over and over and over again it gets very, very frustrating.  The problem?  I have a friend who’s forever getting on my case about sharing an account with Alex, my husband.  Actually, she is highly annoyed by it.  Yeah: annoyed.  It’s none of her damn business to be nosey as f*ck when it concerns people sharing accounts or anything else that has nothing to do with her.  I’m sorry.  I had to vent somewhere, and I didn’t want to b*tch about it to Alex.

*phew* Ok.  Time to relax.  It’s a little past 11pm, and Sarah & Mike come in at approximately 1:30am.  Alex already put Isabella to sleep, and we’re staying up alternately playing WoW & watching old, Michael episodes of “The Office”.

Time to play.  Tschuess!!


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