This isn’t the first time.  This isn’t the second time.  And, no, this is not even the third time that Alex’s job has required him, a handful, or even the entire Command to stay waaaaaay past working hours to get stupid shit completed that could be done the next day or throughout the week.  It’s so stupid how they run shit there, how often things bAAZ

[[…..Okay.  Well, Isabella decided to type while I was on the phone with Alex, so she changed my subject and typed a little.  Haha.  She’s been a pain all day, but she still always makes me so happy ^_^]]

Anyway, again and again it just seems too often and too repeatedly displayed that whoever is running shit there doesn’t have their shit together.

I really don’t want to rant.  I’ve been “Grouchy Mommy” all day, and I hate being so short with my baby girl and just being easily pissed off by everything.  Today’s just been terrible, and Alex just now (at 20 ’til 8p) heading home is the icing on the f’ing cake.

But tonight, we’re heading to our friends’ home to watch a LSU v. ‘bama game.  For me, it’s just to hang out because I don’t do (1) televised games & (2) I don’t do football.  Other than that, we rarely get out and see friends, and I like it when Alex gets to have his time to watch football and hang out with other guys who aren’t idiots – not saying any of the other people we hang out with are idiots; otherwise, we wouldn’t hang out with them…

Enough typing, enough ranting… time to relax.  Ciao ciao!


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