This episode of “Sesame Street” is *really* making me crave Indian food!!

It’s driving me nuts! Well, Alex & I have a coupon for Rajput, so maybe we’ll use it this payday.  Nom nom nom!

I wonder what’s going to happen at Alex’s Command when he transfers to Pensacola…

I am incredibly tired, and it’s most likely the weather – this gloomy, wet, cold, unpleasant weather.  It always succeeds in killing my mood.  Today, though, Alex will hopefully agree with me about going to the gym. My membership ends the 19th & his trial ends the 16th, and I feel like a giant, undesirable blob.  I can’t wait to move to Pensacola where we’ll have our backyard & our workout equipment; where we’ll be about to go outside for a run or a walk just because it’s nice enough out.  If it rains, like I said, we have our equipment, and can do shit inside.  It’s all coming so quickly, but I can’t wait.  We’ll house-hunt at the end of this month if Alex gets the time to put in his leave chit for it, and that step alone is so exciting just to get an idea of where we’ll live for the next 3 (or about that) years.  Forty-seven more days.  FORTY-SEVEN!!!

For now, I need to begin planning our Moving Away Party/Baby Shower.  It feels like such a short time for planning & taking into account the money we need to save for our first rent deposit, I have such a great feeling that we might not be able to do what we’d like for it or even have it at all.


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