Here we go again…

I dropped Isa-pop at my parents’ last night because Alex & I just couldn’t muster up the the energy to watch her. We had to watch (Haha! Yes! We were tied down & forced to!) comedy shows all night to cheer up the mood because, for some reason, being Isabella-less last night made me feel completely depressed & I wasn’t having it, so instead of picking up our little munchkin at almost 10p we spent the night with HuluPlus.  It was a smart, efficient trade.

This morning I’m at the gym forcing myself to get off my ass & work out for a couple of hours.  Nothing strenuous, of course & I’m keeping myself energized with sustenance, but I really just want to do nothing but work out this morning.  So, here I am.

And I just realized that as I exit, I can run down the hall & easily switch off all the lights for the racquetball rooms >:-]

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