Can I vent for a second?

HA!  Rhetorical question!  Of course I can vent – forever!

Not really, but anyway…

What’s up with people getting easily offended and acting as if they never offend anyone and when they finally do admit (after having to painstakingly be convinced of the “crime” that was only long because they’re ridiculously close-minded and self-righteous) they say that they don’t care if they’re offending anyone, but they made you go through that whole shitty circle because of that same close-mindedness & self-righteousness.


Anyway, I’m just pissed/annoyed because my overly-paranoid dad has to always put in his two cents even when it doesn’t concern him or his interests.  Okay, I take back the latter because this particular post did target Filipinos, which is what my mom (his wife) is.  Well, I posted “Shit Filipino Moms Say” (video above) on my older sister’s Facebook just because having grown up with a Filipino mother (and around Filipino mothers) I figured she’d find it as humorous as I did just because of the accuracy of the video contents.  My dad, of course, didn’t find it so funny.  I want to guess that it’s the title containing “shit” being said (as it says in the link it’s a parody of another “Shit [so-and-so’s] Say” video) because being that he’s not the child of a Filipino woman, nor has he ever been in that position will he be able to accurately judge the contents of the video.  Although my little sister probably still hears these things sometimes, my older sister and I grew up with our father always being out-to-sea or at work during the day so he never really witnessed young, spunky, don’t-give-me-attitude mom when we were kids.  No, not his fault.  I’ll give him that much.

Anywho, I think the video is fun.  I don’t see it as “making fun” as opposed to the reality of it being hilariously true and one of the things I love about my mom.

But my dad goes on about how it pokes too much fun and is making me out to seem unappreciative of my mom, but then he goes on about his discomforts with the boy dressed in drag and him “probably wearing other accessories, too”, so on a tangent he goes as he always has whenever there’s a discussion-turn-argument making it hell if not just impossible to argue or discuss with him when his mindset (as he admitted every single argument) is “I’m right.  Even if I’m wrong I’m right because I’m the man of the house.”  I hate that.

By the way, my dad’s nothing less of a homophobe, so of course this would bother him.  Still, why try to push that on everyone else’s POV of  ANYTHING?  Because he’s used to being in control and us listening to him and obeying him and “He’s the man of the house, so what he says goes”, plus he dislikes gays and thinks they’re no less than selfish and evil & dislikes the fact that he can’t have his way.  Why else?  Tell me, honestly.  I’d like to know.

Again, I never base my accusations and bitchings on single happenings; I always have several reasons to feel the way I do, but this was just a reminder and an “Icing on the cake” situation slathered all over my frustration with my dad’s pre-judging ignorance.

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