Right now in the oven, I have a 1/2 batch of the Kentucky Butter Cake recipe that I’ll be using for the Baby Shower/Moving Away shindig.  Duh!  I might have forgotten to mention that one of Alex’s co-workers was eager to host it for us.  So, shit’s coming along great, and she and I have our work divided.  I am making the cake (as I began to mention) and have a design for it an everything.  This will be only the second non-traditionally shaped cake that I’ve ever made, and I am both excited & nervous.  I made Isa’s 1st birthday cake last April, but it was easy because it was just a fish on its side.  I didn’t have much to worry about but cutting out fins and whatnot.  This time, however, the cake will be a slightly-opened treasure chest with candy treasure as well as some baby items.  The theme is Pirates and Babies.

*phew*…. I can’t wait to see this all come into fruition!!


Minutes later….


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