I was talking with my older sister about her fiance and her taking ballroom dance classes, and my mom brings up that she never sees me dance.

“I never see you dance.  Do you dance?”  She asks.

Mom, you know I did Just Dance 2 for up to 2 hours daily before I baby Adrian decided to make a home in my womb.  Besides, why the heck do you need to see me dance?  I thought this whole bit was over, but a couple days ago I was just playing along with Isa and dancing goofily with her.  Then, my mom commented “Oh, now I see you dance.”

Are you f’ing kidding me?  Why the hell does it matter?  And, no that’s not how I dance.  I don’t dance anymore besides random dancing during cleaning or when Alex and I sporadically slow dance.  Or Just Dance.  The last time I ever danced besides that was before I met Alex, when I used to go clubbing & when I was just looking for “booty”; in other words, when I was “loose”.  As a matter of fact, that’s how Alex started off as, and he knows that.  I just happened to fall in love with him, and damn it am I crazy about him! ^_^

Anywho, I do dance.  I love dancing.  I miss dancing.  But really I don’t know what kind of trip my mom was on or is on or why she cares about my dancing skills or apparent lack thereof, but it really needs to stop or imma snap.

That is all.

No, I do not dance like this.


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